Covid Aware

We remain vigilant and focused on providing a safe environment for all our collaborators. 

Pre Production 

As a company we are working from home as much as the project allows and moving forward we believe this is a more sustainable approach. We will concentrate much of the pre production online and work remotely where the processes allow.

On occasion we will need to bring teams together in the pre production process and we will use temporary work spaces that can be adapted to the number of attendees that can safely attend.

As an APA member Mr Duke are currently follow the APA Shooting guidelines and WHO guidelines. 

International Travel 

We have been keeping up with latest travel restrictions and recommendations. This is a matter that changes almost daily and we will happy to review the possibilities on a case by case basis. 

During Shoots & Events 

We have kept up to the date with the various different guidelines issued by both governments and associations like the APA and British Film Institute. We are also keeping up with similar guidelines from other countries where we produce across the world.

We can also offer options for creative teams to join our projects remotely via streaming and video conferencing software.

Each project will have a different approach and we will be happy to discuss and assess the approach on a case by case basis.